Adam from Untamed Elephants – Comedians Talk to NFT Stars Ep 1

Comedians Talk to NFT Stars
Comedians Talk to NFT Stars
Adam from Untamed Elephants - Comedians Talk to NFT Stars Ep 1

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This Untamed Elephants and Adam Ghahramani Podcast is a wide ranging interview with some really great nuggets of info including Adam actually revealing how much he paid for the Untamed Elephants at the end of 2021.

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You probably already know about the “first ever mission driven NFT project” called “Untamed Elephants. They minted 7500 tokens back in July of 2021and so far have raised and delivered a whopping $75,000 to Asian and African Elephant Charities.

We interviewed their head Elephant wrangler and owner of the Untamed Elephants, Adam Ghahramani in this very first episode of Comedians Talk to NFT Stars. Adam calls it our “Genesis” episode which he feels is always the most valuable.

Firstly You may already know, that the NFT world has donated over a billion dollars to charities, and the Untamed Elephants, being the first charity driven NFT, inspired a lot of those NFT projects.
Untamed Elephants is an OG project and 99% of OG projects are gone now so Untamed Elephants have certainly “earned a place in peoples portfolios”

This Interview includes a lot of important info about elephants:

Adam Ghahramani discusses how the Elephants are impacted by the environment and how intelligent Elephants are. Adam says that he thinks their intelligence is “the closest thing to an intelligent alien species” on earth.

He tells a great story about a YouTube video that shows an elephant mocking a rhino by picking up a stick with his trunk and holding it up to his own forehead to make fun of him. “They’re playful animals” says Ghahramani.

Ghahramani also talks about how poaching is an issue and how captivity is an even bigger one because of both tourism and manual labor. Amazingly Adam mentions how Buddhist temples keep elephants in captivity for religious reasons and that they are the “worst treated elephants in captivity”

When Chris is a wise guy and says “he doesn’t understand what elephants would do with 75 thousand dollars” Adam pokes right back joking that they can use the money to fan themselves. They also talk about how the money has been used to stop one of the biggest Elephant poachers in the world

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It was then time for the now infamous NFT JEOPARDY!

Here are the questions that Adam answered. Believe it or not Ghahramani claims he has no life other than NFTs and proves it by going a perfect 5 for 5 on these difficult questions.

  • This PFP project stores images completely on chain and offers Nesting rewards for those who wish to stake their tokens.
    • His correct answer: Moonbirds
  • The Joyfully colored scribbles may have the flavor of burnt toast
    • His correct answer: Doodles. (We also learn that the artist is named burnt toast)
  • These 8,888 little creatures filled with love, empathy, & compassion may have come from the S. Pole
    • His correct answer: Pudgy Penguins
  • This public domain project should come with a surgeon general warning
    • His correct answer: MFers
  • These 166,464 lands might help you sell your Voxels
    • His correct answer: The Sandbox

Amazingly Ghahramani then tells the entire story of how he purchased the Untamed Elephants just a couple of months after they were minted:

Bo is a big fan of the Untamed Elephants and actually owns 15 of the NFT’s. He was around since the mint and starts to tell the “something of a sorted story” about how Adam came to be the owner of the project.

He says that Adam was not the first owner, but more like a savoir of the elephants and explains everything he knew about the situation.

“The project was a rug pool“, says Adam but he recognized the potential of the community and the project so he purchased the project and hasn’t looked back ever since.

Adam said that Untamed Elephants was actually the 2nd NFT project to ever kick out their original toxic leaders and re-organize, the first was fame lady squad.

Bo talks about how Untamed Elephants got a boost from another group he is involved in called “Zen Academy”.

In December 2021, leader Zen/Roy had found out some unsavory things and wrote a very important tweet supporting the project.

Ghahramani talks about how the NFT world is driven by influencers but how “90% of them are people he wouldn’t want to owe a favor to”. However, he thinks Zen/Roy is one of the best and they are forever grateful for his help.

At this point Adam discloses the full amount he paid for The Untamed Elephants. You’ll have to check out the podcast or NFT to find out how much that was!

Bo explains that one of Untamed Elephant’s biggest “Phant Fans” is legendary rock star Peter Frampton. Adam explains that Frampton had his twitter avatar set to an Untamed Elephants for almost a year to support the project.

In an “amazing” surprise Chris brings Peter Frampton on the show… or does he? It’s hard to tell, you’ll have to lisen to the podcast or NFT to find out how this silly section goes.

The guys talk with Ghahramni about his past accomplishments, pre Untamed Elephants. Adam was in the crypto world since 2013 working with over 20 startups. He is the owner of,, created a game called “nimble strong-bartender” and had sites with over 1 million members!

Adam says that the NFT world was the logical next step for him, after mastering the elements of collecting, art and gaming, from his previous works.

It was then time for the always popular COMEDY QUESTIONS!


Favorite comedian: Shane Gillis , saw him at the stand in NYC
His favorite comedy movie: Space Balls, saw the movie before Star Wars and had no idea that is was a parody.
Favorite quotes from spaceballs: “Ludacrious Speed” and “Are you my father?”

Tell us a joke Adam:

Q: Why do elephants pain their testicles red?
A: So they can hide in cherry trees
and also
Q: What is the loudest sound in the jungle?
A: A giraffe eating cherries

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Starring: Adam Ghahramani
Hosts Bo Blaze & Chris Park

Directed & Edited by Bo Blaze
Production Manager Chris Park

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