Medicare For All, Why the F*** don’t we have it?? – Park Politics on BLAZO!! News

Medicare For All is amazingly something the whole country seems to want more and more. Progressive voice and pundit Chris Park explains why we should have Medicare for all and why we can afford it, in yet another episode of Park Politics.

Medicare for All has become a household phrase in the past several years. A recent poll shows that 69% of Americans support M4A. Hell, even half of the registered republicans support the idea. Studies show Medicare for all would save us over half a trillion dollars over a ten year period and that’s no bullshit left wing nonsense, that’s according to a study funded by Republican string-puller, the Koch Brothers.

How is it possible this greatest nation on earth isn’t able to provide universal health care and the top 32 countries in the world CAN?? In 2019 alone, over half a million people in the United States went bankrupt due to medical costs and those are PRE-PANDEMIC numbers. On average, over 25,000 people a year die in the US due to lack of access to healthcare