50SOG Challenge, Taylor Swift & Vicar Woodcock – 50 Shades of Curious News – #106

This week is all about the fifty shades of grey reading challenge. First we host the lovely Taylor Swift from Michael Buckley’s “What the Buck” show. Then we go to a tattoo convention in NJ to find people to take the challenge. We finish up the episode with the good Vicar Woodcock, who is upset about removing bibles in exchange for 50SOG

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For those of you who don’t know, a big trend on you tube right now is the 50 shades of grey reading challenge. Which is where people attempt to read 50 shades, aloud, without laughing.

Today, we are very excited to have the lovely and multi-talented singer songwriter Taylor Swift via Michael Buckley’s what the buck show, and she is going to take the challenge

Great to have you here Taylor…wow, you look … really… different. You didn’t get any of those menengitus steroids did you? Maybe you should refrain from the whole HD thing till it clears up.

Ok Great Taylor, can we

Alright, that’s wonderful, but

Well I’m not sure about that but at this rate, your definitely not going to be able to buy a house within 1000 ft of a playground or school

Yes you look very cute in your skirt, clearly that was pre tainted steroids

I don’t think that’s exactly the parts of the book Michael had in mind when he tagged you

Yea…. That’s more like it


Finish the challenge Taylor

Yes Taylor, Safewords are how we keep BDSM consensual, because without consent there is only abuse

Ummmm, yea… sorta just like that (safewords)



It’s ok taylor, it’s just the steroids talking


We were so excited by this 50 shades challenge we decided to take our cameras out to the Meadowlands expo center in lovely secaucus NJ and talk to some of the fine people attending the “inked out” tattoo show there this weekend

Really, you have to give her a pass, she had just had her tounge pierced 5 minutes before.
In England, stuffy British stereotype and pornographic Agatha Christie type Character Vicar Woodcock, has objected to local hotel boss Wayne Bartholomews unrepentant new choice of bedside reading for his guests, evidently he’s been replacing copies of the Gideon Bible with 50SOG.

Bartholomew says a copy of the Gideon Bible will be retained for those who want it –
and we here at 50soc are thrilled to see that the porn will be freely available in your nightstand at this hotel but you’ll have to go to the front desk to ask them to turn on your bible

Perhaps in this situation The Vicar would do far better embracing the old adage, if you can’t beat em, Join em,
and point out the gideon bibles
firm…. hard back… Binding,
Which makes a far superior paddle, you can use on that hooker your cheating on your wife with.
Maybe we should say it’s if you can’t join em, beat em…., vicar