blazo nj comedy syndicate


BLAZO!! & the NJ Comedy Syndicate are the unofficial caretakers of the fertile NJ Comedy Scene. 
We work with the best comedians in the State and create comedy for the masses. Our job is to hold a mirror up to society with our dirty grubby hands!

BLAZO!! was founded in 1999 By our “Boss” Bo Blaze. Although the original crew reached some enviable success with their project over the years, their self funded craziness couldn’t survive the dot com bubble and when on a deeeeeeep hiatus.

Now 15 years after the hiatus, BLAZO!! is back and better than ever. The following people are just a small part of the NJ Comedy Syndicate and we’ll be adding to this in the coming months. 


Boss: Bo Blaze

Consigliere: Chris Park

Underbosses: Rob Garrison – Anna Crocco – Francesca Overton


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