Eating Funny #9 – Best of the Butler

What exactly do you call a food review show that that has an abusive millennial make his friend do stupid things in every episode? Well… “Eating Funny”!

Rob should totally win the terrible friend award. This is the best butler abuse moments from our first 8 episodes for you!

This is a prank show of sorts, where a delusional, spoiled Millennial does everything possible to abuse his friend/butler while reviewing fast food. It’s definitely treating people badly, pranking the help so to speak. Getting your head shaved in a KFC? Having beans poured over your head at Popeyes? It’s a compilation of the best prank abuse moments.

Show host Rob Garrison calls it “being mean to my stupid friend” but he’s such a jerk he should win the terrible friend award. We’d call the whole thing more of a bully prank. Is it a Prank, abuse or just having mean friends? Whatever it’s called, it’s definitely abusing the help.