Liv Revamped – Comedians Talk to Pornstars Podcast

Liv Revamped is a beautiful little minx with no filter!! Formerly known as Liv Aguilera, she’s back and doing more work than ever. We talk about her movies, gaming, her “exotic, petite, mango booty” and even her MACHETE. Enjoy our new longer podcast format! Some great Porn Star Talk. S

What an episode. Liv is hilarious and she speaks her mind. We ask her about the pope (of that is lol), her name change from Aguilera to Revamped, her many nationalities including a question about Balut, the… err… “delicacy” from the Philippines. She won’t eat anything that has a face and really is not enjoying how prevalent incest porn (fauxcest porn) has become.

Co-host Chris Park suggests Liv take a restraining order out on host Bo Blaze and Liv tells us about her love of everyone/thing from George Carlin, Bill Burr, the movie Grandma’s Boy and the Netflix show “F is for Family”. Liv talks about her interest in Gaming and especially Destiny 2. Finally she discusses her narcissistic tendancies and ends with a really great handjob joke!!

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