Kawaii Girl Amateur Adult Star of the Year’s first interview ever! Big Bad Dragons to Bill Burr

Kawaii Girl finally does her first interview after 5-year wait! She has an absolutely unbelievable origin story, crazier than all the characters she’s famous for cosplaying. She talks Giant Bad Dragon sex toys, Kawaii culture, and how Kawaii Girl lost a fingernail in her butt!

“In the past, I’ve just been too shy to be interviewed. This year I decided I was going to go all out and just say, this is me” – Kawaii Girl

The story begins when an adorable, innocent, overachieving virgin named Kawaii Girl was studying to be a nun (really), and going to college for business and Poly-Sci in California. There she met another geek virgin just like her (again… really), fell in love, got married and about a year later she was Pornhub Amateur Pornstar of the Year!?! What??

After being reminded of her many accomplishments like currently being #175 on the PornHub pornstar list with 250 Million views and 500k subscribers Kawaii Girl explains:

“We were just two geeky kids with an IPhone 5, we didn’t think people would want to watch us fuck. We’re popular? We’re decent at it? It’s crazy!” – Kawaii Girl

After discussing the various fetishes she enjoys shooting she talks about her true love of giant Bad Dragon Dildos. She says she has 9 of them and she especially enjoys challenging herself by trying to take the biggest dildos possible. “it excites me to handle huge toys!.”

Kawaii Girl does a great job with the “comedy questions”, her love of Bill Burr to American Pie, and “this one time, at band camp”. Her fear of being “Hangry” on set and her undying love for Johnny & Kissa Sins.

“They just really love each other. That’s what me and Mochi want to become!”. – Kawaii Girl

She also tells a frightening story about losing a fingernail in her butt. She does pretty well on an “Everything Kawaii Test” the guys give her which includes making cute Kawaii girls sounds.

In one very fun moment, Blaze asks Kawaii Girl about her porn partner & husband Mochi who is famous for being extremely well endowed but whose face is never seen. Park decides he must be some sort of superhero named Cockman. Somehow the three of them start singing the Cockman theme and giggling like children.

Finally, Kawaii girl explains how sex work has brought her many life skill lessons and how this is really all the same stuff she learned in college… just minus the giant dildos!!