Press Release: Comedians Talk to NFT Stars Debuts by Talking to the Elephants



Wed, Feb 7, 2023

Comedians Talk to NFT Stars/BLAZO!! Comedy Network


Comedians Talk to NFT Stars Debuts by Talking to the Elephants

(Hackensack, NJ) The BLAZO!! Comedy Network bills itself on its twitter account as “Stupid Comedians from NJ making NFT’s”. Their latest show “Comedians Talk to NFT Stars” is the next step in their Web3 Journey.

Their debut episode is with Adam Ghahramani & the Untamed Elephants. They felt that this OG NFT Project was the perfect choice for their Genesis episode

Host Bo Blaze says:

“Adam is just an amazing person who is a highly respected guy in the community. His project, the Untamed Elephants is the first mission driven NFT project ever and has raised over $75,000 to help African & Asian Elephants.  AND maybe more importantly to us, he is one of  the funniest people I’ve ever met, who you’d never expect to be funny!” 

You can decide for yourself by listening to the podcast available at

You can also get their FREE “Open Edition” NFT of the show Till 11:59 pm Tues 02/14/23 at

BLAZO!! Founder Bo Blaze says 

We are trying to help introduce comedy into Web3. Our format is to release a free audio podcast of the entire show, promotional video clips on social media, BUT the only way to get the full, 30 minute video is by FREE NFT. We do this with an Open Edition Mint that is available for one week only and then available on the secondary market after that. You get a short preview clip as your token and then that can be redeemed for the full video.”

The show is in a multi-camera, edited interview format with Host Bo Blaze & Co-Host Chris Park dancing between serious questions and hijacking their guest into various bits and general silliness. They also have recurring segments like their “Comedy Questions” and a great bit called “NFT Jeopardy” where they quiz their guests on NFT knowledge.

Blaze saysAdam was way too good at NFT Jeopardy. He went 5 for 5, even answering questions before I finished asking them. He claims that’s because “he has no life outside of NFTs.”

Other high points of the show include:

  • A questionable visit by the project’s most famous supporter, Peter Frampton.
  • A great education on Elephants and why it’s so important to help them.
  • The full story of how Adam helped “save” the NFT project by purchasing it from the original owner and for the first time divulging how much he paid.

Ghahramani commented:

 “I had so much fun! I’m really grateful to be the first guest on the genesis episode of Comedians Talk to NFT Stars. Right now is the perfect time to be creating content in the NFT space and you guys are the perfect people to do this kind.. I think if you mint this episode, it will be really valuable one day.”


ABOUT Comedians talk to NFT Stars and The BLAZO!! Comedy Network

Hosted by Bo Blaze and Co-Host Chris Park

BLAZO!! has been providing comedy entertainment since 1999 and is the founder of the “NJ Comedy Syndicate”.


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