What is BLAZO!! Art?


Bo Blaze created BLAZO!! Back in the late 90’s as an entertainment network when the web was young. After a retirement of about 10 years BLAZO!! is back bringing you new entertainment and now we are extremely excited to bring you


Our new entertainment division is working with our friends to help create a new art paradigm in the NFT World.

With the help of Bo’s wife, the amazing artist Siouxsie Blaze, long time co-conspirator Chris Park and faithful office assistant Chelle, we are concentrating on bringing the 3D world of IRL sculpture into the 2D world of NFT’s. We use Multi-Row 360º photography to bring these pieces into a multi-media world.

The easiest way to find out what is going on in the BLAZO!! Art world is to visit our Twitter page at www.twitter.com/blazoart