Welcome to BLAZO!! Art & Entertainment Network


Bo Blaze created BLAZO!! Back in the late 90’s as an entertainment network when the web was young. After creating comedy on and off for over 20 years we have embraced the web3 world and we are taking things to a whole new level

Our new “Art & Entertainment” moniker allows us to create both comedy AND digital art! After all, our comedy IS digital art… well at least we’d like to think so 😉 But, we want to expand our reach and work with all types of artists and truly be an entertainment network in this web3 world!

With the help of the amazing artist Siouxsie Blaze, and long time co-conspirator Chris Park we are concentrating on the following initiatives

  1. Bringing the comedy we already do from the traditional media world to the Web3/NFT world. We want to be the first true comedy network in that genre.
  2. Bring new shows to the Web3/NFT world like our newest show “Comedians Talk to NFT Stars”
  3. Continue with our interest in digital art, includiing the 3D world of IRL sculpture into the 2D world of NFT’s. We use Multi-Row 360º photography & photogrammetry to bring these pieces into a multi-media world.

The easiest way to find out what is going on in the BLAZO!! Art world is to visit our Twitter page at www.twitter.com/blazoart