NFTComedy Hour Tues 3/07/23 – Like the Daily show but w/NFT’s & Stuff

NFT News Comedy Hour - Like the Daily Show but w/NFT's & Stuff!
NFT News Comedy Hour - Like the Daily Show but w/NFT's & Stuff!
NFTComedy Hour Tues 3/07/23 - Like the Daily show but w/NFT's & Stuff

Here are the stories we MADE FUN OF… we mean “covered” this week

We are stupid comedians from NJ who make comedy and NFT’s.

We also do the show Comedians Talk to NFT Stars and today is a great day as we release Episode 2 with Poly Annie. The audio podcast is up now & the FREE NFT is coming soon

We are trying to help introduce comedy into Web3. The Comedians Talk to NFT Stars Format is that we release a free audio podcast of the entire show, promotional video clips on social media, BUT the only way to get the full, 30 minute video is by FREE NFT. We do this with an Open Edition Mint that is available for one week only and then available on the secondary market after that. You get a short preview clip as your token and then that can be redeemed for the full video. Go here to see Episode 2

Bo has to apologize for calling his wife Poop Hitler last week and then making an animation video of it as well.

Owls have been topping the 24h volume charts. Floor hit .45 ETH this weekend.
Have you heard of Owls NFT project? If not, you must be living under a rock! This project is flying high in the NFT world with its adorable ASCII art of colorful owls. And, it’s not just any ASCII art, but each of the 10,000 owls has a unique combination of 90 million possibilities. Talk about being unique!

ETH Denver
Popular LA comedian Leah Lamarr conducted a live auction of a joke as an NFT. Additionally, each joke was split into two NFTs. The first NFT is a video of Lamarr telling the joke, and the second is an AI-generated image depicting the joke. This is the first ever live auction of a stand-up comedian’s joke on the Ethereum Blockchain.”

NFT Sales Surge to $2 Billion in February—Highest Since Terra Crash
According to Decrypt, NFT sales volume skyrocketed in February to highs not seen since the onset of crypto winter last spring, according to data from DappRadar.

Trading surpassed a whopping $2.04 billion last month, up 117% from $941 million in January. Those figures make February the best month the NFT market has seen since last May when Terra’s implosion cratered the crypto economy and buried the then-red-hot NFT market in ice.

The surge, though, appears indebted almost entirely to a single, controversial source: Blur.”
Blur’s trading volume jumped over $1.13 billion in February from the month prior, a stunning statistic that accounts for almost all of the entire NFT market’s month-over-month gains. But the majority of that volume was generated by a small number of whales flipping NFTs back and forth and back again, to accumulate BLUR tokens through the company’s incentives scheme.

Metamask Announces Early Access Launch Of HyperPlay
Metamask announced on twitter on march 1st the early access launch of a game launcher that brings MetaMask into native games.

According to their website, HyperPlay is both a web3-native game launcher, and an aggregator of game stores. HyperPlay allows players to install games from the Epic Store, GOG, or our own HyperPlay store. Players can connect their MetaMask or WalletConnect wallet to our native desktop application, and then use their wallet inside of every game launched from within HyperPlay, even in native desktop games.

Introducing TwelveFold. A limited edition collection of 300 generative pieces, inscribed on satoshis on the Bitcoin blockchain.
Prices soared in the final hours of the Yuga TwelveFold 24-hour auction, marking the early bids as irrelevant. When the dust settled, they had raised over 735 Bitcoin totaling $16.5M for a 288-piece generative art collection. Yuga Labs smashed the previous Bitcoin Ordinals record but the question on TwelveFold is – was it the right move? And is their brand impacted?

Mograal pays 100 ETH for Dookie Dash Key
Adam Weitsman tweeted out that he has agreed to sell the Dookie Dash key he won from Yuga Labs for 1000 ETH.

How Much Wash Trading Is Really Happening on Blur?
From an article on Decrypt, the Upstart marketplace Blur has risen to the top of the NFT world in recent weeks, vaulting ahead of longtime leader OpenSea through tokenized trading rewards. The cause of the surging trading volume has split opinion in the NFT space, prompting a notable Web3 analytics firm to discount much of the recent trading data from the Blur marketplace.

CryptoSlam, a leading platform for tracking NFT sales, announced on Friday that it would remove $577 million worth of Blur trades from its data due to “market manipulation.” The platform also said that it will filter future Blur trades on its platform through an updated algorithm that excludes what it sees as suspicious sales.”

Whale Dumps 1,010 NFTs to Gain Edge in Upcoming Blur Airdrop

A story from nft plazas reports that An NFT whale has conducted “the largest NFT dump ever” in 48 hours to gain an edge on an upcoming Blur airdrop. At least that is the speculation of some NFT market data analysts. The whale known as Jeffrey Hwang or informally as Machi Big Brother dumped 1,010 NFTs for 11,680 ETH or $18.6 million in less than two days.

Bitcoin, Ethereum PLUNGE as Market Mulls Silvergate Fears
“Bitcoin (BTC) is down 4.5% in the past 24 hours, dropping from $23,500 to a two-week low of $22,259 in the early hours on Friday before climbing to around $22,390 by press time, data from CoinGecko shows.

The leading cryptocurrency last traded at these levels on February 15, with the latest price action wiping out $20 billion of Bitcoin’s market cap, which now stands at $431 billion.”
As for the reasons for the latest sharp decline in prices, it can likely be attributed to the recent developments surrounding Silvergate Bank, which has been providing a payment network for many crypto businesses.

74% of survey participants say they buy NFTs for status
According to metaverse platform, Metajuice, almost three out of four of the nonfungible token (NFT) collectors on its platform purchase NFTs for status, uniqueness and aesthetics. While current NFT sales are not as high as during the peak in 2021, the space still holds on, with users giving various reasons for buying NFTs.

Bitcoin NFT Market to Hit $4.5 Billion by 2025: Galaxy
The emergent Bitcoin NFT ecosystem—practically non-existent just months ago—could balloon to $4.5 billion in market size by 2025, according to a report released Friday by Galaxy Research.

Analysts anticipate that the Bitcoin Ordinal frenzy of the last two months is no blip. They project demand for the ability to store NFTs on the world’s oldest and most established blockchain will only grow in the coming years. Galaxy researchers say that even by summer of this year an entire infrastructure of products and services designed to cater to this growing market will be fully developed. “

Degods party at NFT Paris a bit out of hand
There is a popular video on twitter that shows a very large “Bro” party where someone was dancing around and drinking beer out of his own shoe, which is gross.

Chris reports that it was such a big sausage fest that there’s now going to be a PFP coming out called “brosage” like bro sausages.

Rick & Morty’s Dan Harmon’s Still-Unreleased NFT TV Show ‘Krapopolis’ Gets Third Season
“Krapopolis,” the animated TV series from “Rick and Morty” co-creator Dan Harmon, has been renewed for a third season without airing a single episode.
Krapopolis launched its inaugural 10,420 Krap Chicken non-fungible token collection in August, which allows holders to vote on show elements, access behind-the-scenes content, attend IRL experiences with the cast and crew and redeem rewards for official merch and digital goods.