NFT Comedy Hour 3/14/23 – Like the Daily show but w/NFT’s & Stuff

NFT News Comedy Hour - Like the Daily Show but w/NFT's & Stuff!
NFT News Comedy Hour - Like the Daily Show but w/NFT's & Stuff!
NFT Comedy Hour 3/14/23 - Like the Daily show but w/NFT's & Stuff

Here are the stories we MADE FUN OF… we mean “covered” this week

We are stupid comedians from NJ who make comedy and NFT’s.

We also do the show Comedians Talk to NFT Stars and today is a great day as we release Episode 2 with Poly Annie. The audio podcast is up now & the FREE NFT is coming soon

We are trying to help introduce comedy into Web3. The Comedians Talk to NFT Stars Format is that we release a free audio podcast of the entire show, promotional video clips on social media, BUT the only way to get the full, 30 minute video is by FREE NFT. We do this with an Open Edition Mint that is available for one week only and then available on the secondary market after that. You get a short preview clip as your token and then that can be redeemed for the full video. Go here to see Episode 2

Tonight Show’s’ Jimmy Fallon Files to Be Removed From Subpoena in Bored Apes Trademark Case
“Lawyers for “The Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon filed a motion to quash a subpoena from conceptual artist Ryder Ripps on Monday, calling the move an “unwarranted fishing expedition for irrelevant material.”

SVB Bank Story
On Friday, Silicon Valley Bank, a lender to some of the biggest names in the technology world, became the largest bank to fail since the 2008 financial crisis.
Silicon Valley Bank provided banking services to nearly half of the country’s venture capital-backed technology and life-science companies, according to its website, and to over 2,500 venture capital firms. Its swift collapse has sent shock waves through the tech industry, Wall Street and Washington.”””
“according to an article from decrypt, several NFT companies are obviously associated with SVB bank from one degree to another , the list includes Ripple,Circle, failed crypto lender BlockFi, Pantera,Avalanche,Yuga Labs, Proof, and nova labs “

Amazon NFT initiative
“European Web3 media house The Big Whale recently reported that Amazon is gearing up to sell NFTs on its website. The collectibles will be “tied to real-world assets,” and delivered to users’ doorsteps.

Citing three unnamed sources, another parallel report from Blockworks affirmed that the e-commerce giant is working towards offering customers the ability to purchase NFTs. Two additional people familiar with the matter revealed that the company is planning to inform every single Amazon Prime customer, at least in the U.S., about its NFT initiative as soon as it goes live.

Fed Chair Ponders Potential for Digital Dollar to Send Bitcoin to Zero
U.S. Congressman Stephen Lynch (D-MA) expressed concern Wednesday over the possible impact of a central bank digital currency (CBDC), asking Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell to ponder the potential for a tokenized version of the U.S. dollar to wipe out other digital assets.

Planet Hollywoods NFT Club
“Digital entertainment firm Animoca Brands announced plans Thursday for a new members-only club in Los Angeles. Called Club 3, it’s being launched in collaboration with the Planet Hollywood Group through its existing joint venture, Meta Hollywood, which was established in 2022.”

Clair Silver exhibiting at the Louvre… Basement
On March 10, 2023, Claire Silver posted a Twitter thread stating that there was a miscommunication. Instead of appearing at the Louvre proper, her work would be shown at The Carrousel du Louvre, an underground shopping mall attached to the Louvre museum. “This is obviously not what Superchief, WME, or I had understood….At this point I’m going to pull out of the Paris exhibition altogether and am considering further options,” she wrote.

Silver admitted that she was partially at fault, as she didn’t wait for all the necessary paperwork to be finalized before making the announcement. “I assumed that by the time the Variety article came out, everything was ironclad and in writing. That was a mistake….I dont blame Superchief, my team, my agency, or Variety, all of which I admire and respect. I blame the person from Paris Blockchain that repeatedly misrepresented the event, & I blame myself for not having it in writing before letting my excitement & naivety carry me to twitter,” she wrote.”

Ex-Riot Games Execs Raise $55M for New Studio, Say ‘No Fucking Thanks’ to NFTs
“A pair of former executives from League of Legends maker Riot Games have raised $55 million in Series A funding for a new game studio called The Believer Company. But despite being backed by firms that are prominent in the Web3 world, Believer is saying “no fucking thanks” to NFTs.

Gordon Ramsay NFTs Launch On The Sandbox
In fact, the latest avatar launch is not the first collaboration between The Sandbox and celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay. In August 2022, Ramsay announced that Hell’s Kitchen was coming to The Sandbox metaverse, complete with a Gordon Ramsay avatar. According to the official announcement, players have the opportunity to create new dishes, compete in challenges, collect recipes, and vie for the chance to become head chefs.

The Sandbox has become known for its innovative approach to gaming, particularly with its use of blockchain technology and NFTs. This approach allows for unique and collectible in-game assets. The assets include avatars, that can be bought, sold, and traded between players. The Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen Avatar Collection is just one example of the exciting content that The Sandbox has delivered over time.

Getty Unveils First NFT Drop, Featuring Stevie Nicks, David Bowie, and More
Starting on March 21, 2023, Getty Images will release The ’70s Music & Culture Collection, a compilation of images of musicians and cultural icons, including Jimi Hendrix, Elvis, David Bowie, Stevie Nicks, The Rolling Stones, and several more.
To release their first-ever NFT drop, Getty partnered with Candy Digital, a digital collectibles platform and marketplace that has previously helped Major League Baseball, Netflix, The WWE, and more enter Web3.
Fans will be able to purchase the images, which will be minted on the Palm blockchain, on with credit cards or USDC. Photographs in the collection will range in price from $25 to $200. Candy is also offering fans the ability to mint an introductory image for free for a limited time.

VeeCon Tickets Airdropped to VeeFriends Holders
The three-day super conference will feature an opening night performance by rap icon Busta Rhymes in addition to speeches, panels, and fireside chats with the biggest and brightest minds of tech, business, and popular culture the conference will be at the TCU Amphitheater at White River State Park and Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis on May 18-20, 2023.

Bitcoin Plummets 8% as Crypto Market Falls Below $1 Trillion
“There’s more pain for Bitcoin (BTC) investors as the price of the leading cryptocurrency crashed below $20,000 on Friday. At the time of this writing,(march 10th) Bitcoin is down 8.3% over the day, trading at $19,900 the level last seen on January 13, according to Coingecko.”

Vitalik Buterin Has an NFT Collection? Quadratic Funding Drop Pulls In Millions
Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin is a Web3 luminary, so word today of an NFT collection featuring his apparent stamp of approval has set Crypto Twitter ablaze—and led to surging sales of the NFTs to the tune of several million dollars’ worth.

The NFT collection, which celebrates Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin’s contributions to a popular Web3 funding model, was created by Metalabel in collaboration with Web3 funding platform Gitcoin. The open edition mint launched on March 1, but NFT traders may have missed the memo before today when secondary sales suddenly ripped following the end of the initial sale period.”