50 blank pages with an Axe | 50 Shades of Curious Video #102

This week we get hundreds of blank pages of grey, we ask “she isCatholic” why she doesn’t read things before she bashes them and we review a fiverr deal with Master Axe. SUBSCRIBE NOW to our youtube channel !: http://bit.ly/NNuIFe

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Here are the links to find the original videos & websites that are featured in this episode

SHE IS CATHOLIC – http://youtu.be/KDYbU8csG8c

50 SHADES OF A BLANK BOOK – http://youtu.be/a-ZgWqSD0GA

FIVERR.COM – http://www.Fiverr.com – MASTER AXE AD – http://bit.ly/MINNbE


 Here is a transcription of the epsode.


Do you enjoy the Intense erotica of the 50sog genre  (yea)

can you not get enough of 50 sog inspired books and merchandise (yea)

Are… You… an idiot (hell yea)

Then we have the book for you!

I have to say, I’ve had just about enough of this whole rip off culture surrounding 50sog

I mean can’t any one have an original thought in their head

Can’t you market your sexy, kinky, bdsm inspired product without the number 50 in front of it.

I’m so sick of the endless puns and homages and otherwise endlessly cute ways of sticking your products name at the end of “50 shades of!!!!

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Oh my Gosh, It’s the “SheisCatholic” girl from youtube…. Right here on our show… wow….

What did you want to talk about “She is catholic”

Well this is certainly the right place,

please, oh golden child, enlighten us with your wisdom

No what’s really disturbing is hearing an intelligent and sweet little girl so programmed by her world that she would be this

passionate over something she’s “never even read”.

I realize that when your 15 you’ve been playing chutes and ladders and pooping your pants for the better part of your existance but

it’s time to start thinking for yourself.

And by the way, don’t give me this whole “I don’t have to think for myself… The bible says I should hate this book” .

How do you know? You never even read it?

You know, in YOUR favorite book it says, “Whoever does any work on the sabbath must be put to death”?

But I couldn’t help but notice that you’ve uploaded some of your videos, to you tube, on Sundays… [BUSTED!!!]

I’m going to give you the most important advice I could ever give you. Think for yourself and Seek Truth, your truth.


where not to get your information

Fiverr.com is a wonderful website that allows you to get services, information , products and just about anything you can think of,

performed by various starving 3rd world workers, for the low price of $5

Recently I was alerted to a fiverr ad posted by a one “Master” Axe, As you can see, Mr. Axe (point right) is offering information

and/or advice, on  BDSM or Lifestyle questions on relationships or etiquette as a Master or slave for the low low price of only $5

Now BDSM relationships are quite complex and do require tremendous amounts of trust, communication,and empathy, and I can’t think of

ANYONE who would be better suited to teach you these things than someone WHO’S NAMED THEMSELVES MASTER AXE

Look!  taking relationship advice from someone who names themselves after an instrument of dismemberment or a douchy body spray may

seem like a great idea in theory, but I promise you, advice on one of the most intimate and intense relationships in your life is

where you’re gonna want to splurge a bit. Financially yes, but more importantly the investment of your time to research things fully.

By the way, in addition to Master Axe’s fine offer, you can find these other great fiver BDSM classics

– No means no, respecting bounderies – by Master Let me just get the tip in it will be ok, no, really, I promise

– BDSM and consent –  with Lord Chloroform Pillow Case

– Your Guide to the Female Vagina: Shuttin’ it down – with Master Akin

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free 45 minute video on kinky sex and BDSM that you can watch right now.(wait, isn’t that YOUR video)

well, yes it is…thanks for pointing that out completely random person in the front row.


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