Hot Saucy Golden Girls | 50 Shades of Curious Video #101

This week we get a very spicy hot sauce story. The golden girls need a shower, The Aflack Duck reads fifty shades of grey and we tell you about the National Coalition of Sexual Freedom.


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I’m Alternative Life Coach Bo Blaze and welcome to “50 shades of curious” our look at fifty shades of grey and the world of alternative sexuality.

News out of England reports that A Mr. Raymond Hodgson discovered his girlfriend, Emma McCormick reading fifty shades of grey, Mr. Hodgson thought the book was too pornographic  for her and forbade her to read it! However shameless hussy that she is… Emma would NOT stop And so Mr Hodgson decided enough was enough, and did what, I think we all would do, in this situation…

Spray hot sauce on your girlfriends face whenever she reads porn. Did you see that piece of burning head fly into the wall? It was like napalm, Good thing he’s safety conscious and had that fire extinguisher handy.

By the way, Mr. HodGson… if you had bothered to read the book, you’d have realized your girlfriend was hoping for an entirely diferrent type of spray in her face

Also want to thank New Media Animation for their tireless efforts to bring a realistic retelling of the event

Was anyone actually drowned in hot sauce



The golden shower sisters (just the golden sisters bo) Oh… no showers… ok…. Sorry What is this a reboot of the golden girls?  There, listen to Estelle Getty, she knows her fisting

Estelle??? Oh Estelle  come on I was counting on you to know that one Your puzzled? Yes, you should never do anything you don’t want to do ladies, make sure you always negotiate with your partner, You don’t want to wind up like Emma


Fifty shades of grey /50 shades of grey is a very sexy book But nothing is sexier then hearing it

Read by the aflack duck Wasn’t that lovely ladies, I think gilbert should get serious consideration For the part of Christian in the movie. Sigh… brilliant


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50 shades of grey has done a lot to raise awareness around the world on consensual BDSM but unfortunately not everyone believes that YOU have the right to do WHATEVER you want, in the privacy of your bedroom

The National Coalition of Sexual Freedom is a non profit organization committed to advancing equal rights for consenting adults who engage in any form of alternative sexual expression.

hose opposed to your sexual freedom are well funded and fanatical. The NCSF is funded solely by donations and so they desperately need your help, to continue to fight for your rights and your privacy.

Please visit and Join, Act or Give now!