50 Shades of Arnold Schwarznegger – 50 Shades of Curious #103

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50 Shades of green-

Here at 50 shades of Curious, we firmly believe in the health of our environment.
ecology, environmental ethics, biodiversity, and of course… the biophilia hypothesis… are all things we discuss here, at 50 shades of curious, on a daily basis.
That’s why we feel so strongly about this next video and our dear, dear friend, Kathy Griffen and her fight to protect the environment.

(show clip of Kathy talking about land fills are filled with sex toys, definitely show the bird with the dildo in its mouth, and the fifty shades of green symbol.)

This is Definitely the perfect cause for all of us to get behind, and here are some ideas how YOU can help.

(all the recycled toy pictures)
(show guy with dildo hammer)

Dildo hammer, (hit head) all the hammers I could have made, all these years
We want you to email us how YOU are recycling your sex toys. Send us an email to green@50shadesofcurious.com

(turning head) Now 50 shades of grey has inspired countless people to explore their sexuality and have a better sex life, but with progress comes responsibility, and with 32 million people reading this book, I’m looking at you EL James!
So Today, we call on you Ms. James… to donate “1 million dollars (pinkie)” to uhm uh.. Clean up your mess, So to speak. So that’s 1 million “US”… Wait what’s the euro exchange rate… 1 million dollars of either currancy, & paypal it to us at green@50shadesofcurious.com. Both Kathy and I will make sure this worthy cause get’s the promotion it deserves. Won’t we Kathy? blink

50 Shades of economy-

Tough economic times are a brutal reality in today’s world, luckily DailyFinance.com is reporting the exciting news, that 50 shades of grey is not only stimulating people in the bedroom but also in their wallets.

The article tells us for example, how Barnes and Nobles has avoided the fate of bankrupted Borders books, in large part, due to the sales from 50 shades of grey! That and…and having a starbucks of course. Hi I’m Bo(hi bo), and I drink Large iced decaf americano light ice, 7 splenda and just a liiiitle bit half and half… (thanks for sharing)…. so addicted

Anyway, what’s really exciting me is that Daily Finance is also reporting that that Trojan, the famous condom company, has done extremely well with their new line of Trojan Vibrator toys, there CEO actually admitted that sales have “been aided by the popularity of the Fifty Shades of Grey novel.”
Keep it up america, it’s your patriatic duty to explore your sexuality, and stimulate the economy!
Now even republicans have no excuses.

So to do our part for our country we are going to now have a 50 shades of shameless plug

Now for those of you who don’t realize it, we are much more then a video show, we are thee place to go for those that are 50 shades of curious about kinky sex and BDSM. We have education and all the kinky toys you need to explore!

Today we are going to talk about…………….
Many people are now calling these “50 shades of grey balls“, but Ben Wa balls, also known as Kegel balls, Smart balls, Burmese bElls, and Orgasm balls, have been used since the year 500 in Japan.
these, are weighted balls that are used to help strengthen women’s vaginal and pelvic floor muscles and can also be used to increase vaginal stimulation or (look around) make you cum!
Years ago, most balls were made of metal and were not connected in any way. Today most are made of easily washable materials and are connected together. They also usually have small string that you can use to pull them out easily.
We have a special BENWA page on the website at http://50shadesofcurious.com/benwa

To help you understand how to use these I’m going to demonstrate them on our lovely assistant juanita Jones.
(Ummmmm, she called in sick, man)
(Yea your gonna have to do it yourself)

Ahem, alright… uh I am not anatomically correct for this demonstration, so stepping in for my non existant vagina, will be my big mouth.

Insert the benwa balls into your vaginal opening. Stop when they’re completely in, don’t press them to the back of the vagina near the cervix. As an added extra bonus, you can then touch your nose.

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Don’t forget to check out the website where you can buy all our great kinky BDSM education, and toys, like these ben wa balls and much more
calll the hotline and leave us your ideas so we can spend less time writing.
And hit the damn subscribe button for goodness sake so I can stop talking about it.

Until next week, I’m alternative life coach, Bo Blaze reminding you
When you stop growing you start dying
So lose your fears
Seek truth and find YOUR integrity


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