50 Shades of Transformers & Alan Cox is a moron – 50 Shades of Curious News #104

This week we find out why DJ Alan cox is such a moron, We learn about hard limits from Sir Alfred Wendell Scattsworth III, and we watch 50 shades of transformers

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Out of Florida, Local DJ and all around female orgasm denier, Alan Cox, decided to throw a good ol’ fashioned book burning….

This should be no surprise to anyone that a guy named cox would grow  up to be a  sexually repressed moron and burn something out of fear and ignorance. .

Revenge on what exactly, cox? your own sexual inadequacy?

Or more likely anything, that might make your wife crave something more than being drunkenly mounted in the dark,

your breath smelling of beer and KFC, your greasy fingers violently prodding her breasts in some adolescent attempt at….

Chris: Bo

Sorry I get a little worked up when cox deny women orgasms

Listen mr. Cox… teachable moment here

when your wife is actively reading porn, your knee jerk reaction should NOT be a negative one,

It should be more like this

Got it?

[Guy]: Focus on your marriage. Love your husband.

YES because, we all know, the only way to really focus on your marriage and love your husband ladies, is to look pretty, not think too much, and neglect your vagina as much as your husband does.

How dare you think of sexy fetish scenerios for the marital bed. There are shirts to be ironed, babies to shoot out, apathetic handjobs to deliver.  You must listen to your husbands spastic grunts of pleasure as he… lazily slaps against you in sad, 3 minute bout of….

Chris: Bo

Actually, not to nitpick, but the MOST ironic book burning has to be ,

the “How to organize a book burning” book burning of ’89…

where like 20 people died.

Yea, ironically, They didn’t actually read the book.

Stick figures

For all of you viewers who are familiar with, but haven’t had a chance to read fifty shades of grey,
I have a wonderful surprise for you!
Before the movie comes out and ruins your perspective with big, Hollywood sets and over dramatized love scenes, we found a video that gives you an amazingly realistic look at the book.  May I present 50 shades….of stick figures.

Riveting. I really feel the one dimensional characters, truly convey the passion that this book portrays.

Wow.  Are we allowed to show that kind of graphic stuff on the show?

Now, Limits are simply the things you are not willing to do with your partner. Everyone has limits, both the submissive and the dominant partner have things they are not comfortable doing.

This is why you should always negotiate and communicate with your partner on what you feel comfortable doing and not doing and why you should always have a safeword so you can stop things if one of your limits are crossed.
We often call various taboo limits or anything else that you absolutely will not do under any circumstances, hard limits.

In the video they are having some fun, by pointing out, one person’s hard limit might be another person’s favorite activity. This is what makes BDSM so great. There are no rules other than what you and your partners agree to consensually. Now of course there are some limits that almost everyone agrees on….

who’s that? heyyyyy it’s sir alfred wendell scatsworth the third, our hard limit expert

Absolutely, There are things that are illegal that are obviously hard limits for everyone and then there are the things that are pretty much hard limits for 99. percent of everyone else

Ok… great…. Um

Wonderful, well thank you

Sir alfred wendell scatsworth III

To help you with hard limits we strongly suggest you use, what’s called a negotiation form and we have a free one for you to download right now at


ALRIGHT, we get it,

He means well

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Until next week, I’m alternative life coach, Bo Blaze reminding you

When you stop growing you start dying

So let go of your fears

Seek truth and find YOUR integrity


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