Stay the F Home! Rabbi Blazo rants and sings Sweet Caroline, Hands Washing Hands Parody

The singing Rabbi is BACK!!!

And, he does a rant telling you to “Stay the F Home!”.

The Rabbi also sings Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline” with updated lyrics and a stay the f home rant, asking people to be safe during this Covid-19 pandemic.

This hands washing hands Neil Diamond parody” is the Rabbi’s 34th or 35th comeback it’s hard to remember. Did we mention to STAY THE F HOME!!! lol.

We definitely think that this is the best:

Hands Washing Hands, Neil Diamond & Sweet Caroline Parody, with a Stay the F Home rant, done by a Rabbi, in the world!

Who better than to remind you to “stay the F&*k inside” then the great Rabbi Blazo. He’s one of the biggest stars, who never was, in the world. His good time charm and occasional Yiddish is fun for all and will be enjoyed by Yiddish comedy enthusiasts everywhere!