Eating Funny #7 – KFC Fast Food Review Parody – Quarantine Edition

Batman & Shaved Heads?? Quarantine Comedy?

Rob Garrison is still under lockdown and stuck in Quarantine! The Butler, Chris Park is sent out to KFC with hair clippers? Batman decides his Butler Chris Park is Bane and makes him shave his head (for real!!) while the butler gets his revenge by actually punching Chris through the TV.

This is also the first time we ever hear the Butler speak well sort of. Rob reviews the chicken sandwich, a 2 piece box, biscuit, and the famous bowl. Also, he has a rant on why KFC stopped making wedge fries. He is not happy at all!! BRING BACK KFC WEDGE FRIES!!

Enjoy this Quarantine Funny Food Review Parody at KFC, episode #7 of the “Eating Funny” series.