What did Woman Say to Pope to make him slap her? – The Shockingly Funny Translation.

What did that Asian woman say to the pope? We have the shockingly funny translation. At least we are pretty sure. We can’t believe more people aren’t curious to know what did Asian woman say to pope Francis? Aren’t you a little curious?

What did the woman say to the Pope while visiting St. Peter’s Square, Pope Francis became annoyed at an Asian woman who grabbed his hand, refusing to let go. The pope slaps the woman, what did she say? Was it an Epstein joke 😉

He slapped her hand twice while yelling something at the woman. We here at BLAZO!! News have new audio translations from the encounter with the pope and the woman he slapped. Apparently, this thing goes a lot deeper than anybody would have thought!

Turns out Pope Francis might know a thing or two about the mysterious “Suicide” of Jeffery Epstein. Shhhhh this is really a Pope Francis joke, just “Pope Francis Funny”. More Epstein suicide humor, Epstein suicide jokes… yea pretty much an Epstein Joke.