Subway Apology Commercial – Jared Fogle Plea Deal

Jared Fogle is taking a plea deal since he likes little girls. Not only does he have child porn on his computers, Jared Subway Fogle allegedly went so far as to pay a 16 year old teen for sex. We thought Jared Fogle and Subway would probably want to apologize properly and so we created this commercial for them!

Jared Subway is in trouble again as an affidavit of his alleged naughty texts between the former Subway spokesperson and a former female Subway franchisee have been subpoenaed by the FBI.

Jared Fogle says he paid for sex with a 16-year-old girl, according to the former franchisee’s attorney.

Maybe more disturbing is that the former franchisee claims to have shared the texts and her concerns about Jared Fogle with Subway management at the time. Her Lawyer says that Subway did nothing. Subway says it has no record of the woman’s complaint.

In the messages, Jared from Subway repeatedly asks the woman — a Subway franchisee at the time — to advertise herself on Craigslist for sex with other men.

He asks her if he can watch the sexual acts and tells her she can make about $500 per act.

Subway suspended its relationship with Fogle, a spokesman for the brand on July 7 after federal and state authorities raided his Indiana home. It has scrubbed every mention of Fogle from its website and stores.

The raid came months after an employee of Fogle’s charitable foundation was arrested on child-pornography charges, and Subway said at the time it believed the raid on Fogle’s home was in relation to that case.

Fox59 and CBS also reported at the time — citing law-enforcement sources — that the raid was related to a child-pornography investigation.

According to the affidavit obtained by Business Insider, Fogle asked the former Subway franchisee in May 2008 to set up a meeting for him with her cousin. The cousin was underage at the time, according to the woman’s lawyer.

Many thanks to Business Insider for their story:


Five, Five, Five year olds are wrong
Very, very, very

Five, Five, Five year olds are wrong
Very, very, very
It’s very, very, wrong

We want to say thank you, thank you for not boycotting our famous footlongs even though our former spokes mouth Jared Fondle, I mean Fogel has been ALLEGEDLY fogeling… I mean fondling 16 year girls.

We whipped up this new little ditty to remind everyone while they are scarfing down our delicious subway sandwiches, to not have sex with minors… it’s very very wrong!

Sure our meat is so fresh you might feel the urge to text a co-worker and ask them to set you up on a date with their underage cousin…. Or hit up craigslist and find a AMAZING 16 year old prostitute that only charges $100

It’s almost like we can’t help ourselves! Why it seems like half the company is camping out a high school soccer matches and, um… Wait… huh…. No…. No, no, no, no, no… that’s a…. it’s VERY VERY WRONG…

EAT FRESH at subway!…. just…

not too fresh…