Female Comedians – Stand-Up Comedy Talk – Margaret Cho, Sarah Silverman, Whitney Cummings

margaret cho beautifulJoin Chris Park & Guest Host Angela Sharp as they give their hilarious perspectives on great Female Stand-Up Comedians both old and new! (Don’t miss the outtakes!)

This week we bring you:

► Margaret Cho’s, Beautiful – Not only does she tend to put things up her butt to reinforce positive thought but she also wants to have sex with Sarah Pallin which is an abhorrent thought for her.

► Sarah Silverman’s, Speck of Dust – Squirrels plant the trees and she’d like to discuss her Cumhole!

► Whitney Cummings’, I’m Your Girlfriend – Guys dicks are NOT too big and she’s tired of being called BABY!

Sarah silverman speck of dustAlso, don’t miss the outtakes at the end of the episode, Angela is the Energizer Bunny of Comedy! Both Chris and Angela are hilarious.


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