Blazo History


pengnterrAt the turn of the century, with Y2k errors threatening their every move, Chief Wonka, aka Bo Blaze and a crazy group of NJ loons including James Campion, Serge Volsky and Karl DelPiano launched BLAZO!! in the winter of 1999!! The internet was new and exciting and the chief had a vision to create a TV station on the internet. He knew that the internet would remove all distribution boundaries and wanted to take his voice to the masses.

Unfortunately our heros were way ahead of their time and although they reached some enviable success with their project over the years, their self funded craziness couldn’t survive the dot com rabbi_buttonbubble burst that occurred just months after opening shop. There was no youtube, twitter, facebook, fast download speeds, apps, shmapps or anything else that would make their lives easier back then, and they had to walk to school everyday 4 miles in the rain and live in a shoebox in the middle of the road!

Anpengy_buttonyway, BLAZO!! churned out the great cartoons Lil’ Pengy and Rabbi Blazo as well as the telemarketer abuse site, “” and  various other strangeness that our deranged crew found amusing.

Now 15 years later Chief Wonka and a new crew of crazies are back at it along with some of the original staff to bring you a new look at insanity.telabuse_button

Here is some of the content from back in the early days for your enjoyment. Let us know what you think. 

Lil’ Pengy

Mr. Blazo’s Wild Ride

Rabbi Blazo – Coming Soon