BLAZO!! Art Network Wins two RDC NFT Grants

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BLAZO!! is now known as the BLAZO!! Art & Entertainment Network.

This is mostly due to BLAZO!! getting heavily involved in the Non Fungible Token or better known as the NFT art world. This is a new way for people to sell/share digital goods with the world. This NY Times article can give you more information.

The RDC which is made up of some of the more successful NFT producers in the genre offered $100,000 in grant money for 20 NFT projects and artists.

RDC board member Max Rand said:

The NFT community gave us a lot, and it’s time to give back. Therefore we created this grant to give 15 independent artists and 5 projects a chance to create in a free and creative way.

BLAZO!! was fortunate to win not just one but two RDC NFT Grants.

Our first Grant is for a project near and dear to our hearts that will help get Comedy on to the NFT platform.

BLAZO!! Founder Bo Blaze said:

We have been promoting shows and running open mics as “The NJ Comedy Syndicate” for over 3 years. We’ve met so many talented people during that time and we want to help artists make a living doing what they love.

YouTube is a great way for entertainers to get their brand into the world but it is almost impossible to monetize that.

One of the great things about the NFT community is the way it values creators. People in this world don’t think twice about dropping $200 on a .JPG image, so they certainly can give a struggling comedian $20 for a copy of his set.

We are currently in discussion with some really exciting artists and will be making some announcements very soon.

Our second is for artist Siouxsie V. Blaze who brings second life to things broken & forgotten. Her upcycled found objects are turned into amazing sculptures & now NFTs. We are working on an amazing process called “Multi-Row 365” that allows us to photograph and display objects in a way so that you can look at the object from any angle.