Bailey Base in trouble for Tesla Sex, ordered to do Distracted Driving PSA, But NOT this kind.

(Tampa, FL) 
After nearly 15 million views on her infamous Tesla Sex video,  it appears that Bailey Base & her partner in crime Luke Cooper have gotten themselves into some hot water.

Evidently, the powers that be are not fans of the video where Base and Cooper have sex in the driver’s seat of a white Tesla in broad daylight while various amused drivers wave to them mid-coitus on a Florida highway.

After receiving word that she would have to do a Public Service Announcement for Distracted Driving by her Team the encourageable young lady hatched a plan to have some fun.

I was setting up an interview on the show “Comedians Talk to Porn Stars,” those guys are hilarious. So I asked them to help me with this stupid PSA I had to do. Perhaps doing a serious PSA with a bunch of comedians wasn’t the best idea I ever had, but I had so much fun!  —Bailey Base

Base did the PSA via Zoom prior to her interview with Comedians Talk to Porn Stars in mid-February and to say her “people” were not amused would be an understatement. After being fired by her Team Director Bo Blaze commented.

What exactly did they think was going to happen? We are a bunch of stupid comedians, did they think it was going to be serious?” –Bo Blaze

And to prove their point, Comedians Talk to Porn Stars have leaked the PSA they produced because Bo, Chris & Bailey think it’s hilarious! You can view it here:

Base and her Team now have her working on a more conventional PSA with a more respectable video company. 

Whatever, I guess I’m going to have to do a normal one now, which I am not looking forward to. Bo & Chris made me laugh for like an hour straight, those are the kind of people I want to hang with. Look, I Fuck for a living, I”m not exactly your model citizen. I’m going to get in trouble, probably a LOT in my career and I’ll deal with that as it comes, but I just want to do dirty things and get paid for them, get high and enjoy my life. –Bailey Base